Monday, August 6, 2007


I could remember it like it was yesterday.

I had woken up by the inviting smell of bacon. Mama had never failed in rumbling my tummy every morning. She was glad that like every other mother, she didnt have to force me to get up by pushing me till I fell out of bed. I woke up everyday just to see her beautiful face and take full delight in gorging her food.

I loved Mama because she loved me

She was an artists highest selling piece of work, simple,serene and strong. Never did I see her show any signs of weakness and she would always face me with a smile. I couldnt have wished for a better mother.

There I was relishing my breakfast with complete enthusiasm, it had been a cold day. The mail man hadnt come that day as well. So much for the term "Neither hail, nor snow, nor whatever the rest was". Mina my younger sister had just come after her bath. The two of us would walk 6 miles everyday to school. My house was at the top of a hill and it was quite some distance from the main city. Papa, whose work started early in the day had left early today as well. Papa was a good man, he would always buy us toys and take us to the city on every weekend either to the fair or to the theatre. Mama and Papa loved the plays over there. Mina and I would always find something else to do at that time.

Kissing her goodbye, Mina and I began our walk to school. I can still remember the chill in my fingers, it had been a very cold day indeed. Mama had given me the sweater just in case.

Mama always cared...

As evening, drew, Mina and I had decided to have a race back home, partly because I just loved beating her and partly because I couldnt wait to get back home. My tummy was rumbling again.
Puffing,panting and laughing as I entered the house, I called out "Mama !" but there was no reply. I called to her again but I was answered only in silence. Mina had entered by now and she too kept on callin her name repeatedly. As odd as it may have felt, I knew that Mama was O.K. she had probably had some urgent work and had to leave. We settled ourselves and found something to eat. I was partly angry at Mama for leaving us like that without any food at all. Mina and I waited till 11 pm sitting at the family couch after which the two of us dozed off...

I remember dreaming of Mama, walking through the door of our house, picking us up and tucking us safely in the warmth of our beds. Not knowing that the next morning I would be greeted not by Mama but some men in suits

It was a beautiful dream.