Saturday, January 5, 2008


DAY 1 : I woke up with the sun in my eyes and a dozen flies all over my face, my lips were parched and there was sand all around me, I had no idea how long i had lain there and where I was. All i knew that I was not at home and I was not at work. Something wrong had happened, something very wrong.

DAY2: Making myself aware of my surroundings, I realised that I had somehow managed to land myself on an island that had not yet fallen under the eyes of the common man hellbent on searching, discovering and then destroying everything and anything. I was the first man to set foot on this land.

DAY3:My hunger started to get the better of me and my search for food became desperate. Watching all those shows and movies on TV, i tried to gather whatever i could swallow and digest but it was harder than i thought it to be. The trees were way too high for me to reach for fruits and I had chosen to let go of the fishes. Yes, I was a vegetarian and Yes, I was too slow to get even near them.

DAY4: Still having found nothing to eat and only salt water to drink, I decided to get my mind off food and try exploring this island. This was an island much smaller than I imagined, it was only the size of 2 football fields altogether. As I stared into the endless horizon, using all of my power to make a ship magically appear out of nowhere, I wondered if I would ever be rescued, I wonder how long it would take for my movie to end, with a glorious escape back to civilization. It all seemed too unreal.

DAY5: The day was a hot one, the sun was beating down hard on me and I chose to spend the entire day under the shade of a tree and laze around. It felt good to be away from the city life and the pressures and strains that man had put on my back. I was a beast but not of burden.

DAY6:Clouds began to gather, it was a glorious respite from the torrential heat of the sun, I had managed to pick up a couple of berries from the nearby shrub and swallow them. Fortunately, they weren't poisonous and I was able to live on them for the rest of my days here.

DAY7:It started to rain, it started off with a light drizzle that quickly developed into a tumultuous outburst. The seas grew violent and waves were getting bigger by the minute. The wind too picked up and before i knew it, I was in the midst of the biggest storm that had been witnessed in a century. I ran with all the might to seek cover but there was water, water everywhere. I thought this was the end of the world and mine too. I latched onto a tree to avoid myself from getting washed away but the current was too strong. Before i knew it, the waves had carried the tree and I too with it. The water was over me and below me, it was in my ears, my nose my hair my mouth. I and the water had become one. I gasped for air and moved my hands and feet just to stay afloat. I finally chose to give up and let the sea swallow me up.

I knew that nobody in the world knew where I was and what was happening to me. They had probably forgotten me by now and were back to their own work and their own lives. My end would be an unfortunate one but I was pitying those who died everyday in their cubicles,dancing to their master's tunes. Who cried over their miseries everyday and committed a thousand sins to make up for one good deed. They were rats in a gutter who scavenged on anything and followed the piper to die in the sea, they were not humans anymore. Sure, I could have chosen to give up my life like every other news headline, but I would never have been able to do it. God brought me to this world a free man and now He was taking me away as a free man. I threw up my arms with a smile and all the glee in my heart,thanked Him and went down below into the depths of the sea.

The next thing I remember is seeing a bright white light and the heavy voice of a man calling my name. It was then I realised that I was in Heaven and God was calling my name out loud. I replied " I am here father" and smiled heartily. Soon a face emerged in front of me and said, " Congratulations" and I was too happy to say anything so I just smiled. The next thing that followed were the words, " You've been saved."

Suddenly, the light faded and there I was lying in a hospital bed with only my God, who turned out to be my doctor, standing beside me and looking at me as if he was about to kiss me. It was then that something inside of me fell from a 100 feet and broke into small and tiny bits of pieces.