Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And God Created ... this

In my life Ive been overwhelmed by the creature that is 'girl'

The one of the two inhabitants in this oh so beautiful world.

Wonderstruck by their beauty,charm and elegance

Disgusted by their ego, simian brain and ignorance

An unanswered universal question, my mind it haunts.

Every man's wish to know "What a woman wants".

I wanted an answer even if i had to dig the graves.

I wanted an answer even if i had to look in caves.

I did not read books or watch them on the Nat Geo.

Neither did I learn about their fav perfume or deo.

Talking to them proved to be my way of progress.

There had to be that one girl whom i could impress.

I tried the boy next door or the daring romantic.

My rudeness and sarcasm made them quite frantic.

I started at zero and ended at a negative number.

I wanted a ceaser salad but didnt even get a cucumber .

Ah ! Such is life and it will always remain this way.

I think it was a better option if i had just turned gay.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Moonlight Bay

A file to submit and a deadline to meet, the mind wishes to do everything except sit on that god damn chair and start to write... these 4 walls that i enclose myself in are suffocating me, i long for the sandy beaches, the starry skies and the crashing waves... it has been a year of living in this state and it feels like its been eons. Holding the pen in my hand, what i wouldnt do to replace it with the hand of my loved one, feeling the blood pump through her palm and threading my fingers with hers. It had been years since I had felt the touch of a girl...that irreplaceable feeling that makes ur hair stand and your heart race... all these feelings feel like those of a previous life.

The pen still lies there and i still have a deadline to meet. As the mosquitoes free themselves from their hiding and start making strategies in attacking me, i begin my daily routine of clapping exercises, " Another day, another murder"... I am one and they are in hundreds, first blood spills with a prick at the calf muscle, and retaliation occurs with clenching fists and vulgar curses, catching them, crushing them and reducing them to nothing but dust with my bare hands... Wondering how such a creation of God could turn into nothing but dust in a few seconds. But afterall ,thats what happens to us too... Tired with this game, I need to get out of this hell hole and get some coffee...

On reaching the canteen, I look at the sad and morose faces of all around me,its like they have been there forever and I am a messiah, here to save them from their doom... The coffee was unbearable, possibly the worst coffee I had ever tasted (I havnt had much coffee in life)... the burnt tongue and the bad taste ticking me off to such an extent that even a slap on the back would create all chaos. A stroll through this campus with the trees,under the dark sky in this hot night might cool me off... Walking down the road, I try to imagine myself in the hills, trekking to unknown locations with my walking stick and my dog, the wind in my blood and the mist all over my face, droplets forming at my lips and the cold yet comforting feeling captivating me... Those long walks always seemed to rejuvinate me and link my soul with nature. Its like we were one. And now, back in the plains, alone and distant from the magic of the mountians, as I look at the gates of college, my train of thoughts flags off... I suddenly rush back and in the dim light of my room. I suddenly dont mind the holding grasp of a pen as I begin to write...

Monday, May 7, 2007

LAZy Bones

Hello readers and cheerleaders !

All these years i always thought it was lazy bum, lazy bum and lazy bum and now after proclaiming myself the super duper intellect in english, i stil coulnt believe that it was lazy BONE ! okay anyway coming bak to life, i am way too lazy to even put up a blog or two, looks like sleeping is becoming the number one priority and ironically at the time when sleep has to be given the " Not now honey". Alas life is cruel, and i must succumb to the temptations as I head for my Siesta once more...Adios...