Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Martyr

There he was kneeling in despair,
Brushing his hands in his hair.

The thoughts in his mind were rushing fast
Trying to look at the times in the past.

He tried to remember something that was real
Something, that could help him heal

For he was in the midst of a war
A war, that everyone were waiting for.

The sound of bullets, he could hear them well.
The air so harmful, yet he had to smell.

He heard the soldiers shouting aloud.
Giving up their lives to make their land proud.

The enemy he knew, was drawing near.
His hands and legs were shaking with fear.

He mustered up his courage, he took his gun.
He laughed aloud, he was ready to have fun.

He finally came out, through the barbed wire.
His eyes were burning red, as if on fire.

There he was in the war’s battlefield.
He was all alone, he had no shield.

Suddenly, he heard a noise nearby.
He knew what it was, up in the sky.

The armored birds had begun to shoot,
He ran hard, with the strength in his boot.

But it was too late, he had been hit.
He lost his balance and fell into a pit.

His shoulder was wounded very bad.
He was screaming aloud, as if he were mad.

The pain was unbearable he did not succumb.
He looked at his shoulder, which now as numb.

He slowly clambered out of the hole.
It was enough, he had to reach his goal.

Luckily he found an enemy base.
He ran towards it, with all his pace.

He ended up shooting some of the men.
But he was outnumbered, one to ten.

He took out a grenade, pulled the pin.
The soldiers ran hard, to save their skin.

The soldier laughed, the bomb blew.
Out of the base, bodies flew.

The war had ended, over now.
But why did it happen ? and how ?

The soldier had died in madness.
His death was news to bring sadness.

This is what happens in every nation
War is bad, a bad creation.