Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Dream - I

It was just a dream but it had felt so real.

A bright and sunny day it was and I was back to being 3 years old. Note more than a foot high, cradled in my mother's arms and sucking my thumb I was living the good life.As I looked onto her face, I knew that this day wasn't like any other. There was some sort of excitement on her face, a mixture of feelings seemed to be empowering her face as she carefully changed my diaper. It was as if she was uncertain, unsure and then I saw it happening. As slow as it could get, came a deep, long sigh from the depths of her lungs.

She was nervous

As she carried me out into the open through the the front door of our house, the sunlight hit me right in the eyes and caught in the glare as I squinted, I managed to figure out the shape of my car where sat two figures at the front. As we moved closer to the car, I realized that the two figures were no one else but my elder brother and father. My brother seemed to be in an awkward costume, dressed in a white shirt and shorts, with a tiny green belt around his waist, white colored socks,shoes that had been polished since last night and not to forget a bag hung around his shoulders with a water bottle around his neck. The look on his face seemed to be of total glee and eagerness as as he kicked the air happily. My father, still in his kurta and pyjama had a proud smile on his face. It was one of those 'firsts' in his child's life.

His first day at school