Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I crib a lot that I don't have enough time for anything. Always believing that I have put my foot in way too many holes. The day ends without a word for me left to say and I have a million puzzles left unsolved in my head. It's like the muscles in my brain are pounding hard with unfinished businesses. Days begin and end while I am waiting for the gun to fire. But to be frank, the truth is simple...

I have a lot of time in a day, half of which I spend worrying about how much I have spent and the rest I spend worrying about how much I have left.

Rooms are left dirty and dumped. Phones are left broken, bellies are left hanging. Debates are left dangling and friends are pushed aside. Hearts are left broken, grades are left filling. Tunes are left begging and blogs are yet to be written.

Lives are yet to be made and Failure is left to be saved.

Someone said, If i were organized, I'd be dangerous.
I say, If i were I were organized, I'd be in a fairy tale.

Here's to hoping that I wake up one of these mornings and take that initiative to put my life back on track. Maybe a little according to TIME