Tuesday, January 20, 2009


She kept them hidden till when needed
Her license to kill, her weapon of choice
I had chosen to keep myself away
I relied on prudence, not on vice.

I was unlucky enough to see her strike
The noblest of creatures I had ever seen
It was not in my nature to see this happen
But the claws kept me stranded in utmost horror.

Before I could turn to run the distance.
Those eyes fell right on to mine.
She lifted her veil and lifted her paws.
And out came those silver coated claws.

I ran for my life with my heart in my mouth.
Feeling my hair stand on my neck.
I could feel the pain as they ran deep.
The claws of terror, the claws of fear.

Any second now they would tear me apart
And leave in a pool of blood and dirt.
I waited and waited for the skin to tear
But there seemed no end to this slow death

So I stopped my feet and whirled around
Alas, my assailant was nowhere to be found.
All that was left,was a dark and murky alley
With not a soul in sight,not a ray of light.

As I wiped the sweat off my aching brow
I whispered a "thanks" to noone and left.
But till this date, my palms stay wet.
As I wait in fear to see those claws.

Those claws of terror, those claws of fear

Monday, January 5, 2009

Guttery Ghoul

I was once flushed down the sink and since then I have not seen the light of the day. Mummified in toilet paper I drifted on the lonely stream. I tried drowning sometimes but nothing really happened. Hoping that someday I would flow out into the openness of blue skies and bluer seas. Sadly, I have wandered in pipes, holes and gutters for years.

In the sewers, I never really did end up seeing any Ninja Turtles nor did I see Monsters from the unknown. Creepies and crawlies I sure saw a share of but they somehow seemed a lot quieter than what I had ought them out to be. Although there was this one instance when I had seen a hand float past by me. I never did find out what it was and whose it belonged to, I had some bad night thinking about that floating piece of flesh. Even the red nail polish reflecting the iris of my eyes flows through my brain at times.

Today is another day I wake up in the murky depths of my home. Everyday I pray that I leave this prison but everyday I wish lesser for it to happen. It is in these sewers that I am the lone ranger, I know the pipes and the drains by heart. Out there, the world might eat me up one day and spit me out the next.

Whatever the one up there has planned for me, I’ll be ready for it.

Afterall, Shit happens.