Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Philosophy

relationships are like a cloud

at first, it gives you shade and you enjoy it with bliss

and as the cloud grows bigger

you tend to like it even more and more and more

but then comes a stage when the cloud darkens, and it grows bigger

youre still ok with it till....

it pours

and pours

it pours and pours and pours cats and dogs a lil more

and all u can do is stand in the rain and wait for it stop

in very rare cases does it actually stop

and while we wait for it to stop, we don’t realize how wet we get in this tumultuous rain of sorrow

and then as the cloud begins to move away

there are two choices left with the person

either follow that cloud and the pour, wanting and waiting for it to become white yet again

and put ur own self in a state of misery


stay where u are and let the sun shine its way through and dry u up

the drying process will take time

and the more you stand in one place and not look at the cloud

the better

in the end, youll realise how much you missed the sun shining on your face and giving you the warmth that was absent in the shade of the cloud

and enjoy every moment of it

its a very hard move to detach urself from the cloud

but it always is the better option