Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hey you...

Hey you...
Yes you, I aint talking to the cute girl sitting next to you or the person whose been staring at you for the past 5 minutes. Sometimes people do want to talk to you too. Its just that they wait for you to make that first move. Dont worry, I aint giving a philosophical lecture here. Im just talking to you. Word has it that you've been worried about a lot over the past few days. I aint blaming you for the state you're in. The Times are like these. Right ?
See you arent the father of a bride, neither did your company just go bankrupt.
Yeah, if you do have exams and commitment issues, then I can cut you some slack.

And tell you to tie yourself in a sack and ship yourself to wherever you may be happier.

Worries really never did get you anywhere. They just took you from A, placed you at Z and then made run all the way back to B. But then again, who am I to say all this ? Am I God ? Or am I a plain human ?

The fact of the matter is, I'm you. You and you and you and definitely you.

Problems rise at times but sadly, worries rise much sooner and much in number.
Its not your fault, you are just like that aren't you ?

If you fear that the next moment somebody is going to bang at your door and beat the pulp out of you, if you fear that things will get worse in the future and if you fear that you aren't gonna do what you're supposed to do... Heres an advice,