Friday, April 17, 2009

Christine & Delilah

Christine and Delilah walked on the road silently. Basking the sun of the countryside, the two walked hand in hand to their farm. Pigs and Chickens passed them by as they smiled at them solemnly, feeing the breeze in their hair. Trudging along, they took turns in kicking a stone they had found and saw who could kick further. Christies's pink cheeks kept getting redder after every hour. Her freckles had reduced compared to what they were. Some of them could be seen on her bare neck that ended with a pink button of her shirt. Christine liked holding hands with Delilah, she loved the soft touch of her hand and the fingers entwining with hers. She loved playing with her hair sometimes too and Delilah would bite her ear whenever she got the chance. They would cuddle and wrestle before they went to bed with feathers everywhere.

Delilah and her blue eyes had always wandered to places where no one would think of going. Sometimes as she sat on her cart, she would get off and wander into the shrubs, roaming about aimlessly in hay fields, appreciating everything for what it was. Old pappys would love staring into her eyes and she would love looking at their eyes widen. It was like gold had been discovered after hours of digging. She would not like the looks that men with dark moustaches gave her. Out of the corner of her eye, she would catch a glimpse of shy boys looking at her. She would snub them off with her nose but deep inside, she smiled.

And with that same smile, she opened the gates of the farm. The two of them ran into the house with giggles escaping from their mouths. The door shut on the house and the ggigles continued from inside. It was then that a shadow came from the corner of the house that swallowed the cheerness of the giggles as it approached the door. A hand turned the knob, a nose sniffed the fragrance of the shampoo used that morning. A stubble rubbed against a cheek and the screams lingered through the house. The house of that farm stood there,basking in the countryside sun.

Helpless yet all knowing.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Bad President

I am the President. No matter how the media and the angry mobs have reduced me. I am the President. I was chosen among thousands and chosen by millions. A man born on the same soil as you all, I chose to lead and not be lead. I made decisions that were the caliber of a President and only I would be answerable to myself for these acts. I have enemies but I have stronger friends. They have helped me throught thick and thin and to date whatever I am is because of them. I have helped them in their worst scenarios. If you want to throw a stone at me then please do so. But remember fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame me. It has become mandatory for you all to listen to what I have to say and make an opinion out of it.

I have prayed to God everyday but dont you dare say that I have played him.

If that were possible, I would have.