Friday, December 31, 2010

The kill joy

I am a kill joy, I don't have parties to attend and I am in no mood of creating parties of my own. I shall sit with my glass of whiskey and ring in the new year watching my life pass by right in front of me. Maybe a light read of fiction by my side and some nice music in the cold stale air of this December. I will not ride the streets nor will I be driven around like a chaperaun.

I like my silence and I love my life, but to celebrate events that hold no meaning to my life I care not of. So let the bubbly pop and let the glasses clink and let them forget their worries for this one night so that they may wake up again with the same worries and a headache to top it all.

Don't forget to put up the photos on facebook where your girlfriend is too disinterested to pose and your couch has somehow changed its entire colour. Where your back yard has been watered by your guests and your wall has found new designs drawn on them.

So yes, please do remember the new year and its memories, each one as vague as the last one.