Saturday, October 27, 2007


A lone hand reaches out in the darkness, only to find the cold winds striking it and leaving the fingers numb and bare. Where there was warmth and passion now lies only the deep dark void...I guess life has its ways of putting things into place even when you think they already are. Remembering that I would return when this heart would be content or broken and I keep that promise. Looking up into the dark void of space and looking at the stars twinkling, I feel as alone as the stars out there in space. With my feet firmly on Earth, I wish to fly away from here and maybe visit the lakes in Scotland or the Streets of New York. To get away from all the worries and issues and tensions, just do what I really want to do on Earth, Live. I may write again, I may not but I know that I will take that hand away from the cold and keep it in my pocket along with my change and my bubble gum. Maybe taking it out for the occassional hand-shake or to pull my pants up when they are sliding too low.Its better this way.