Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just my Luck

Good day all

Heres something that i have never done when it comes to writing down stuff. Boast.

To be frank I have always been a proud one and self obsessed like every virgo, not giving a damn about what I say or do or what effects it makes on others.

Now since I dont like showing these traits to people, I choose not to further disclose the skeletons in my closet.

Anyway, the reason why i have chosen to mention all this nonsense is for the pure fact to tell you all that I am the luckiest person on Earth. I really dont even feel right while writing this, because I have no idea what you all will make of this. But as an advise. Dont think about it.

Its something that i just wish to write and for the sake of keeping my blog alive, i wrote it here. Its nothing to appreciate or nothing to criticize its something that I have chosen to engrave on the stones of time.

So later, when maybe the days wont be as glorious as they are now, Ill look back at this and say to myself " Life wasnt always a bitch". Because for now, even though there is the case of influenza and the weird case of pain only in the right leg, i couldnt wish for anything else (A good hair texture would help although). I just feel happy for everything and anything around me and dont hope for anything else, for time will not listen to hopes and fears, it will tell...

Only time will tell...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wish I was here

Let me introduce you all to my family, I on the other hand, am the empty seat to the far right

All Apologies

The world has become a much smaller place now. With nothing much to do except drag the corpse from room to class and class to room. With catching the bus at the odd weekend and heading back to my refuge, my haven, my love. Aah love, it is but a very weird and yet fascinating thing. To believe in it is something that I found much harder than believeing in ghosts. It is there around us and yet we fail to see it, feel it and give it.

Rohit Bhat, a Koshur comrade had once told me, one can't write when he is in love and I dont know whether I have believed it or I have taken it as an excuse but either ways, love has been the cause for my turbulent pause. The violin shall play one day, maybe on my wedding or on my boy's first recital or on my funeral... it shall play.

The pen does not wish to write, it wishes to splatter its ink and paint the town red. I leave you at peace today and come back when this heart will be content or shall be broken but for now I am incomplete and so is my blog.

Goodnight and Godspeed

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Things That I find Gay

1. People naming their non-living posessions ! (Sorry Roda ) lll

2. All Hindi Movies

3. The Colour PINK

4. Country Music !

5. Men wearing Bracelets

Best Things in life

1. Bubbles - My ipod

2. Sholay !

3. Rainbows

4. The Beatles !

5. Girls when they swear.