Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And God Created ... this

In my life Ive been overwhelmed by the creature that is 'girl'

The one of the two inhabitants in this oh so beautiful world.

Wonderstruck by their beauty,charm and elegance

Disgusted by their ego, simian brain and ignorance

An unanswered universal question, my mind it haunts.

Every man's wish to know "What a woman wants".

I wanted an answer even if i had to dig the graves.

I wanted an answer even if i had to look in caves.

I did not read books or watch them on the Nat Geo.

Neither did I learn about their fav perfume or deo.

Talking to them proved to be my way of progress.

There had to be that one girl whom i could impress.

I tried the boy next door or the daring romantic.

My rudeness and sarcasm made them quite frantic.

I started at zero and ended at a negative number.

I wanted a ceaser salad but didnt even get a cucumber .

Ah ! Such is life and it will always remain this way.

I think it was a better option if i had just turned gay.