Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Night

Let me into your arms and feel my warm breath as it caresses ur bosom, let me lose myself in the sea of your fire and take me deep into the passion of ur desires. Every day my longing for you becomes more and every night I wish for it to be ours when I can run my fingers over that skin as the heavenly body that is yours, basks in the moonlight. Let me be your goose pimples rising with each kiss that i give you and let me be the sweat dancing on your palms as we become one. As the candle burns through the night, I will fill the air with sounds of your pleasure and delight. Let no worry come to you for you are in safe hands my love. I shall make love to you with the utmost tender and care. I will tickle your feet as you giggle and squirm and and cuddle with you till you wiggle like a worm. Whispering in your ear a word or two, I'll tell you my secrets and u tell me a few. Hold my hands and entwine your fingers around me, lost in each other's eyes as if under a spell. Tender, sweet and yet passionate love shall be made on this night like there is no tomorrow. For tonight I shall make you happy and remove all sorrow