Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Teenager

Stirred from my slumber by the golden rays. I open the window to a new day. A day like any other as thoughts rush back into the head as I become aware of my surroundings. The remnants of last night play back as I retrospect, I try to recall the mysterious dreams and somehow like Freud, try to relate them to my life. Never do I get an answer. I pick up the newspaper which never fails to impress me. A neat and tidy document that has been twisted, turned, thrown and been given oh so many forms of physical torture. But at the end of it all, it is ready to wish me good morning and educate me a little bit more. As I look at the first page, I see what the world has done to itself. Butchered, Smashed, Crushed, Hammered and Whipped itself only because it had an itch. Another day, another blast, another terror, another suspect and another dead end. Dictators are hated by all but I look at them in awe at times no matter how brutal and inhuman they were. Quoting the words of Joseph Stalin " The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic." Words so sinister yet so true I am yet to hear.

Then my eyes shifted to a corner of the front page and I looked at something that made my tummy take a somersault. It was the date. 14th September 2008. A day before my birthday. In other words, the last day of my teens. I felt weird and as I sat there blankly staring at my newspaper, I ran through the pages of my life. Starting from my 13th birthday to all the things I had done the following years, the ups, the downs, the tears, the sweat, the girls, the papers, the new looks, the lies, the friends, the fights. It all seemed to pass by so quickly. And today was the last day of that life and maybe something was still left for me to do before I let go of this part of my life. So I stood up in an instant as the sun shone on my eyes and I as if posing a challenge, stared back at it huffing and puffing. I looked at my bed and wondered, "How many hours and days I had wasted of my teens just sleeping ?" I tilted my head low in shame. But I tilted it up again with pride and with an agility that I had never had before, jumped back into the bed as I answered " Maybe Not Enough"...