Friday, September 11, 2009

Losing Marbles

The blue jays sing in the haze
As the white monkey says hello
I left the tree to the singing swallows
but where in the world are my marshmallows ?
See the point of the matter is that clues are questions
So while I be in the country, let me know your answers
Be a little to the left not much to the right
And you will see the light, oh the bright light
Bless the shadows they know me so well
If only they would come back, it would be so swell
Let it pour on the ashes, so a phoenix will sing
Not the song of love but maybe a catchy thing
When the bellows will borrow
You will see me tomorrow
And catch me cycling in the mud
So pass me a Hi and let out a sigh
For the pieces of grey seem to crack