Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming Undone

I think I'm done with this process of keeping up with the world.
I'm done with chatting and browsing and pornography and food.
I'm done running in circles and chasing in tales.
I'm done with excuses and delays and helplessness

So I let go of the hose that be my intoxicator
And breathe the fumes of the ceremonial scent
I'll be back one day proud of myself
And till then I won't keep checking on you all

I must take a plunge yet I dont have a chute
Instead I'm sipping tea with some brute
I let go of the strings and grab a cue
To bring out the old and absorb the new

Adieu Au revoir, which be the better
Start something new, its now or never
Explore dont excel and forget innovation
All I need to get is a sound revelation...