Friday, March 12, 2010

The importance of being alone

The sunlight seems dimmed, the four walls of proximity are surrounded with lights of green and red. The bottle of water seems to be misplaced but the bottles of beer seem to be up for grabs,and the only sign of life comes from the dimly lit speakers that lie in a corner. Faint, yet hallowing sounds of the electric guitar hum through the dim dimensions of this cage. Staring down at the two phones which have been given more care than your personal hygiene, wondering how they have made your life and dug your grave. Somewhere in the far reaches of the Earth where the winds are colder and the trees are barren and bare, lifeless to their skin and rabbits scurry to their holes when it gets too dark, there is a room which is exactly like this one. The dark symphonies of hapless tunes fuse with the mind and bring an anoerexia of thoughts and feelings.

Lies and jokes mean nothing, money spends rotting in accounts. All that matters are the constellations up above and how many can we actually recognize. Everyplace has a peculiar smell, that will one day in the future carry us back to this stage. When all meant nothing and nothing meant all. Where books carried us to worlds beyond this one and the speckles of dust could be counted and then left to wander in the free space of our emptiness.