Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A girl I know wrote this once...

Pieces of me

I have left with you some pieces of me
you will find them around hidden beneath
I am comfortable here,
please... do let me be

If you find me in your shower
do not be surprised
I will be fully dressed
if only a little wet

Sometimes you may find me sleeping
all tangled up in your hair
sometimes I'll be sitting on your collar
watching you as you put on your glares

You may find me next to your pen
adding rhymes to your letters
and other times on your morning crossword
finishing up your leftover verbs

I have left with you some pieces of me
scattered around here and there
don't try to gather me up,
I'm comfortable here, please do let me be

I'll be between the pages of your cookbook
noting down a few tips on the edges
you looked really creepy you know
when you burnt off half of your brow

I'll live in your drawers
help you pick out the right shoes
and on top of your dresser
to take a whiff of your perfume

I'll sit on the rim of your glasses
as you read my favorite novel
and kiss you on the tip of your nose
if you have fallen asleep

I have left with you some pieces of me
it is here where I am at peace
I am comfortable here just let me be