Monday, May 16, 2011


Yes, Trees. The combination of green and brown that you have grown up to drawing on your A3 sheets since childhood. Always picking a separate colour for every different tree. scribbling along its borders, making sure it doesnt fall out of your perfect outline. Giving it a nice little curve around the bark and smaller curves for its head where birds may sit and small squirrels may poke out and hide again.

And then you play around them as kids, hiding behind them from enemies, climbing on top of them for safety, plucking mulberries in the summer and making it the crucial wicket which must be hit to ensure there is a change in the order of play.

And in adulthood you sit under them, for hours and wonder, you write or atleast think of writing. The lesser few bring their partners for a kiss or two and mark it as 'their tree' and the immature ones carve out their names to immortalize their presence in that span of time when they cared about nothing but each other.

As you grow older, they tend to resemble your stature for some reason. Bent, bowed and fruitless. Counting each tree as you walk across a park or jog along a track. Some of us carry ourselves to nostalgia under it and others just stare at the ants below.

They may laugh at us as we pass by standing tall and bare, witnessing our behavious and mocking us for our foolishness but they acknowledge us for the gratitude we may have given it, always giving us peace in the absence of humanity.

As silent it may be, it chose to silence us even further.


Liar Goodspeed said...

I like the Tolkien label

kicking.and.screaming said...

You know why I like your writing so much? And why every rare time I remember to check it, I wish Id checked it earlier?

Because your writing retains its artfulness while being so simple, so relateble. Commonplace even, but yet beautiful and great enough to be coveted over. And how your prose is your poetry. Havent I said this before?

Just change your blog template and the new font you used on your header:)

Captain Grim said...

Tell me how the blog template is now will you ?