Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Stroll

One needs to take an exodus from the four walls of livelihood and head out towards the far reaches of the earth. Discover what fruits she has to offer, the souls one might not have touched, the sights one is left to see so that one day, on your deathbed, you don't have to lie without a story to tell your kith and kin about how you have lived life to the fullest and need to move on.

And so I head out into the vast outside with puffed up lungs and a stride in my step.
For a noble cause I head into the unknown, for a mission I take this path alone.

Six eggs and a loaf of bread and not to forget a half a dozen bananas from the local market.

The evening has set and the games at twilight have begun, the stars have taken the stances and are taking a power nap before their shining begins for the long and tedious night. The moons seems to be hidden today, probably touching up its face.

I may not have walked more than a yard when under my feet comes the rubble on the road, there's rubble everywhere. I stare up at the towering houses and wonder why man always looks to rise up high but forgets the land from where he comes. I shake my sandals to get rid off the dirt invading my space with a word or two under my breath. Staring into these houses I look at the cheap halogen lamps giving off their dull glare outside. No matter how grand their houses may be from the outside, inside they will always live as beggars, ensuring that their electricity bills never go beyond the danger mark.

Hunger taps me on the shoulder as the prospect of food from the market that may satisfy my pangs for delicacies from the netherworld. However, owing to the elastic waistline of my pyjamas, I choose to not let it defeat me and take a vow to have nothing doing with the processed food industry. I have dreamt of days when I will be able to tell tales of how I defeated the sin of guilty pleasure and maybe then I shall quote this moment of my triumph. When I went to the market to buy eggs and bread (not to forget the bananas) and said NO to the prospects of a chips packet or a chicken patty or one of those round crunchy twirls that... mmmmm.

A growl interrupted my train of thought and for a moment I thought a stray dog was after my crotch again. To my relief it was only my stomach that growled in disappointment of being faced with such abuse. On reaching the market I decided to reward myself with a chewing gum (sugar free) just so that my teeth get something to chew on. You never know, chewing just might help me with my jaw line and make it dashing enough for the ladies.

As I asked the shopkeeper to hand me the eggs, bread and bananas, the whiff of the guava reached my nose and I stared at the stack that stood before me, seated like pompous Romans, full of pride and peacock meat,like an audience waiting for the Tiger to be released at the colosseum. The shopkeeper caught me staring and with the proposition of making an extra buck, told me there was no spare cash and asked if there was anything else I wanted. The Romans looked at me for approval but I held out my thumb to give the final verdict, ye or nay. And much to the horror of the Romans (and the bewilderment of the lady buying her coconuts for her deceased rich husband's exit), I plunged my thumb downwards and said "nay".

On leaving the market, I chewed the gum with a much harder intent to make sure I didn't change my mind.
Nearing the house which looked the same as I had left it, I was approached by a dog.

I covered myself with the eggs (nothing harder than 6 eggs to save you from the worst of attacks) but the poor mutt was only hungry. Its wagging tail soon descended into an immobile vine as it understood the possibilities of its evening supper.
And back I was home again with yet another adventure under my non-existent belt.

Till the winds call me again
Or we run out of any grain
I will rest beside the fireplace
Or the gas stove near my face
But when adventure calls hark
I will venture in the dark
For a skirmish with a beast
Or to buy some white meat
But I will return to tell the tale
Of how much I saved, in the sale.


Mohit Rodeja said...

Ah. Quotidian Irony.
I seem to have put my finger on your genre.
Now you have to change it :P

Captain Grim said...

Its ok. I'll be writing more.