Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I'm back

It isn't as hot as it is down in Mumbai but there is something about the summers here that bring me back to the road.

The sun isn't hurting me now, as a matter of fact it is hitting that part of my brain which is sending me back down memory lanes. Memory roads to be more specific. I pass tree after tree, field upon field as I keep driving in my car. The beads of sweat drift from my ear down my neck and into the abyss of my drenched shirt. I am trying to save on petrol owing to the large distance I am having to cover and more importantly, I have no intention of risking my 12 year old car in case it gives up on me on the excessive usage of the Air Conditioner. 2 years back I wasn't even here at this point. I was in the city of London exploring the city with my friends while everyone was crying in Delhi about how hot it had become. London was visited again nonetheless, her eyes and her sighs came with me this time. But now is not the time to go back to the nostalgia of Europe. Instead, it was time to remember what I was and a part of me still is.

Mumbai is a new experience altogether and I am by myself. But I had made this choice to venture out and see the city of dreams and become one with it. Having completed a little more than a year in this madness, I can safely say that I have done my fair share of exploration but I'm hungry for more.

I come to you in a completely new avatar now. In between I had been a man lost in love, broken in love and now detached from love. I have taken to new interests and new likes that have fuelled my passions of seeking the unknown. Earlier it was to feel the love of someone whom you are mad about, but that might have to wait. Maybe a decade or two. However, as I get back to my new found goal, (which keeps changing from time to time) it lies in doing what I will regret not doing as soon as I am endowed with some thing called responsibilities.

I have always been a fan of history and more of modern than ancient. I do not need to know what naked men and women used to dig and dance to for those times are gone and we are now children of our doings in the past, not in another life. 200 years from now is what interests me the most and the smallest of remnants that may exist of our past which I may still be able to find hidden in the present world. I am lucky to still be able to touch stones that were laid centuries back and feel gaps that may have been made by an artist from yesteryear.

Enchanted by a world with the same monuments, the same architecture, the same letters engraved in stone, only in a time which had lesser people and but grandeur plans for the days to come. I end this note with one of the many photographs I have started capturing of a time gone by but in some places, lives on in my heart.

I shall see you sooner than you can miss me.


Mohit Rodeja said...


Captain Grim said...


IsHiTa said...
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IsHiTa said...

Captain Grim you seem to be more grim by the day
Out of quiet, dark depths something wonderful will come our way?
A blog this personal is an interesting peep into your brain(or heart?)
Keep up I shall, with your musings once again (this is art.)

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