Thursday, June 17, 2010

From the Chief Editor’s Desk

To form a fist and make a fight
May take some guts
To yield your pen and choose to write
Would have more ifs and buts…

My contributions for the PECMAG began way back in the days when I would dread the terms of forging, fitting, carpentry. When the afternoons were spent running in the scorching sun of the athletic ground and most importantly, when I was still realizing the term of an ‘engineer’. Four years have gone by since those days and now as I face the EXIT gates of this college, I can’t help but look back at the years that have gone by as a part of PEC. The days when numericals would be too much to take and so I would begin to write on my laptop, letting my mind wander to the limitless possibilities outside this realm of my education. A world where snow would fall on my cheeks everyday and dwarves would scamper on leopards in the middle of dense green forests of an unknown land. And as I grew out of my shell of childish thoughts I learnt the responsibilities that come with each passing year of this college. Finally, on donning the badge of Chief Editor (yes there is also a badge!), I came to terms with the realization that this role is one that required an individual to love his words and hate his redundancy. And once again, I came face to face with the PECMAG, this one last and final time. This is a magazine that symbolizes the spirit of this college that is well known for its technical as well as cultural excellence, be it in the field of sports, music, dramatics, art or even social service. And it was my task to bring it all in the form of a few pages. The PECMAG became a dimension for me to experiment my love for creative writing and help inculcate that same interest in those who believe that they too can wield their pen and be ‘artists’ for a day instead of ‘engineers’. It has been an honour for this ‘engineer’ to be involved in the endeavour of rediscovering the simple practice of reading and writing for all those who seemed to have lost it in the years of intense preparation to be in this college. As a bidding advice, all I can say is:

A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat

Vinayak Talwar
Final Year
Mechanical Engineering

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