Friday, June 18, 2010

Things that dominate my current life ...


In the past four years of my college life, this mane of mine has grown and fallen with each passing season, the amount of shampoo, oil and conditioners that have been emptied for this noble cause are inumerable and yet the problem is incurable. The problem of making my hair straight and silky, just like every other chinki's. Yes, I have straightened my hair once in my high school days and a few guys did say that I looked 'hot', I begged to differ.

Corel Draw

Discovering this miraculous tool of creating small sized imagination into huge posters smashed upon my forehead the day I realised for the umpteenth time that when the going gets tough, I must get going. Disgusted by the complexity of Photoshop, I found a home in Corel that has given me the best results till today and has never ceased to surprise me everytime I open it (or everytime it crashes). For those who never knew what designing is, I suggest you look into it to discover the hidden workaholic in you.

Porcupine Tree

This band in my head always seemed to be a band that comes for folk festivals on special occassions and played to disintereted/idle groups of people but frankly, they have created music so much in the last decade that their songs play to this very moment as I write this. I am priviliged to have travelled 2000kms to see them play live and although I distinctly remember having a horrible cold while screaming out their name, I wont forget that fleeting moment where I was one with them.

Subway Sandwiches

They came to my life as filth and food for the sick but as I grew out of the garbage in the mess, I found new love in the sandwiches of New York, the number of permutations one can have with vegetables, sauces, meats and breads. Phenomenal. I might have more than a 100 subs in the past 3 months now. I even went on a subway diet once to see if it really worked, but I realised that ordering pizza side by side might just not help.

The hunger to splurge

I might have bugged my old folks more than ever in my entire life in the name of money. I can't imagine I used to be a miser once who kept a record of every penny spent, even if it was giving it to a beggar! Now, every ruppee earned is a ruppee splurged upon, be it on food, clothes, food, autorickshaws (Thanks for not giving me a car!) and food again. They say I will learn the true value of money once I start earning, but I have a bad feeling that by the time I realise the value, Ill be in a lot of debt to devalue it.


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